Accessibility statement

Accessibility statement of Autism Finland’s Step to Adulthood website

This accessibility statement applies to the website and was made on 27 April 2021 and updated on 3 May 2021. The service is subject to the Finnish Act on the Provision of Digital Services, which requires that public online services must be accessible.

The accessibility status of the digital service

The service meets the accessibility requirements of WCAG 2.1, level AA and partially meets the accessibility requirements of level AAA.

Content that is not accessible

Users may encounter some accessibility problems on the website. The following is a list of problems that we are aware of. If you notice a problem on the website that we are not aware of, please let us know.

The website is not fully compliant

  • All link texts on the website do not describe the destination of the link.
  • The website has an icon button that activates the search function and an icon button that returns the user to the top of the website without text descriptions of these functions.

Not covered by legislation

  • Office software files on the website (such as PDF files) published before 23 September 2018
  • Online content archived before 23 September 2019
  • YouTube videos embedded on the website, published before 23 September 2020, which lack subtitles or audio description. These will not be provided retroactively to comply with accessibility requirements.

Disproportionate burden

  • The website contains content published by third parties (such as off-website links) that is not produced, funded or controlled by the service provider itself. If these external links were removed, the content provided by this website would be considerably reduced.
  • It is a disproportionate burden on the website provider to edit PDF files produced by third parties or to present the information contained therein in a format accessible to all. For example, most of the PDF files presented in the Material Bank of the website are third-party and some of them were published before 23 September 2018. This website is by nature an information and material bank, so the offering of additional information available online is justified.

Did you notice an accessibility gap in our digital service? Let us know and we’ll do our best to remedy it.

Using the online form

You can submit accessibility feedback using this online form:

By email

Supervisory authority

If you notice accessibility issues on the website, please first give feedback to us, the website administrator. It may take us up to 14 days to respond. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, or if you do not receive a response at all within two weeks, you can report the matter to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland. The website of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland provides detailed instructions on how to report the matter and how it will be handled.

Contact details of the supervisory authority

Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland
Accessibility Enforcement
puhelinnumero: vaihde +358 295 016 000

We are constantly working to improve accessibility

We are committed to improving the accessibility of our digital services.

Several efforts have been made to improve the accessibility of the website. The front page provides essential guidance on how to use the website. In the top left-hand corner of the website, there is an accessibility tool which allows the user to choose the view and contrast of their preference. This feature is thought to be particularly useful for people on the autism spectrum, such as those with visual hypo- or hypersensitivity. The contrast between text and background is adequate, including the buttons. Contrast is at least AA level.

Above the accessibility tool, there is a Read Speaker function, which allows the user to listen to the entire content of the page or select the area they want to listen to.

The language used on the website is clear and easy to understand. The structure of the text makes it easy to absorb the information. The paragraph structure is logical, with subheadings facilitating text processing and quotations that enliven the text, as well as stories from experience. The headings of the texts are descriptive of the text content. In some places, lists have been made to assist the reader.

All videos on the website are subtitled, making them accessible to people with hearing difficulties. The video content is user-controlled and does not start playing automatically.

Attention has been paid to the visual aspect of the website, with images to support understanding of the text content (such as cartoons related to the topic). The accessibility of images has been improved by making it possible to enlarge informative images by clicking on them. The website consistently uses colour-coding for the different sections to help the user understand the structure of the website.

The website has a search function that also works on mobile devices. A print function is available on the website, which makes it easy to print text content. An arrow button on the website allows easy return to the top of the page.

The website is easy to navigate using the linking headings. In addition, link paths, internal links and “shortcuts” on the front page help the user to find content. Most of the links on the website are accompanied by a short description of their content. Internal links open in the same window and external links open in a new tab. PDF files are distinguished from other content and links by an icon. The website also includes a sitemap to help the user navigate the website. The sitemap can be accessed via links in the top and bottom headers of the website.

Technical accessibility has been taken into account by improving the user-friendliness of the website. Users can navigate and access the website using the keyboard instead of the mouse. The keyboard can be used to select different links or buttons by pressing the tab key to change the active item and the enter key to accept selection of the item. The website can also be scrolled up and down using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The navigation bar of the website also appears at the top of the page when scrolling down the page, making navigation easier. The website server is a reliable domestic provider, Seravo Oy. The hosting service provided by Seravo Oy has been rated the fastest WordPress website hosting service in the world in a survey by (source:, retrieved on 4 February 2021).

The accessibility of this website has been evaluated by an external expert organisation in autumn 2021.

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