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Adolescence and growing up is a time of many changes. These changes come with challenges, but also new opportunities. We want to help you as you take steps towards adulthood.

Step to Adulthood is a website that has been designed as a reserve of information and materials to support the life transitions of young people on the autism spectrum. We have compiled a wide range of content on the website to support young people as they pursue further studies and become independent. You can find information on the topic, testimonial writings and videos, game-like exercises, materials to download and links to other useful websites.

Go ahead and browse the site to see what interesting content you can find that is relevant to your situation! We walk by your side on your journey towards further studies and an independent life. Welcome to the website!


Navigating the website is easy. The headings in the top navigation bar and the left side of each page as well as the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page helps you navigate the site. You can also use the search function at the top of the page. External links open in a new tab. There is a blue arrow button at the bottom right-hand corner of the page, which you can click to return to the top of the page.

Parents of young people on the autism spectrum and professionals may find it useful to also browse the section For Young People, in addition to the content specifically produced for them. The section contains relevant information about life transitions, i.e., further studies and independence.

The full content of the site is available in Finnish. In addition, the main pages and the page entitled Life Transitions – Towards Your Own Home and Further Studies are available in Swedish and in English.

Sit back and start browsing the site!

Sivustolle kehitetty saavutettavuutta kuvaava turkoosi-valkoinen symboli, jossa keskellä ihmishahmo.
ReadSpeakerin kuuntelu -toiminto.

The top left-hand corner of each page has an accessibility symbol, which you can click on to adjust the contrast of the background and the text and choose the view you prefer. Above the accessibility symbol you can find the Read Speaker function, which allows you to listen to the contents of the website in full or choose a section you want to hear. You can enlarge the informative images by clicking on them.


Are you a young person on the autism spectrum? Do you have concerns about further studies and learning to live independently? Do you need information and coping mechanisms to help you in your everyday life?

The pages for young people contain information about autism and the life transitions mentioned above. You will learn to understand yourself better and make the most of your strengths in life and take care of your wellbeing. You can also practise the skills and readiness you need with the help of gamified exercises and various applications either independently or together with someone else. The quick links to the game-like exercises can be found at the bottom of this page.

The experiences of other young people on the autism spectrum can empower you and give you tips for your everyday life. You can find more things to read in the material bank.


Are you the parent of a young person on the autism spectrum? Are they about to become independent or go on to further studies? Do you need tools to support the young person or to maintain your ability to cope?

The pages for parents contain information about services and forms of support and give you tools to help you cope. The information about autism on the pages for young people help you understand your youngster better. You can find more things to read in the material bank.


Do you meet young people on the autism spectrum as part of your job? Do you need information about the strengths of these young people and their support needs? Do you need tools for your work?

The pages for professionals contain tips for successfully encountering a young person on the autism spectrum and give you tools and methods to support your work. The information and experiences of autism on the pages for young people can help you understand young people on the autism spectrum better. You can find more things to read in the material bank.


Step to Adulthood (Askel aikuisuuteen in Finnish) is a project carried out from 2019–2021, coordinated by Autism Finland and funded by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).

This website is the main outcome of the project. The website Step to Adulthood contains information about the autism spectrum in addition to further studies and independence as the life transitions of a young person on the autism spectrum. The website has been designed as a bank of information and materials.


The Hand of Well-being contains information about the elements of well-being and tips to support your well-being.

The stress management exercises help you revise what you know about stress. You can also think about how stress affects you and why, and what techniques you can use to manage stress.

Use these exercises to take control of your life. Familiar, repeated daily routines create a sense of security and control in your life. You can improve your ability to cope by sticking to your daily routines. These exercises give you tips to support your everyday life.

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